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Indian Coast Guard Inks MoU with Hindalco for Indigenous Marine-Grade Aluminium

The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) and Hindalco Industries, a leading industry group, have joined forces to promote the manufacturing and supply of indigenous marine-grade aluminium for the construction of ships. The collaboration, formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), aims to enhance India’s self-reliance in the shipbuilding sector.

Facilitating Coastal Security and Shallow Water Operations

The ICG fleet currently operates 67 ships with aluminium hulls, designed for operations in shallow waters. To further bolster coastal security, the Coast Guard has planned to induct more such vessels, and the indigenously manufactured marine-grade aluminium will be utilized in their construction.

Benefits of the MoU

Under the terms of the MoU, Hindalco Industries will manufacture and supply marine-grade aluminium to Indian public and private shipyards for shipbuilding purposes. The agreement also offers several benefits, including:

  1. Quarterly pricing: Facilitating better planning and cost management for shipyards.
  2. Priority in supplies: Ensuring timely delivery of aluminium for construction projects.
  3. Turnover discount: Incentivizing the use of indigenous marine-grade aluminium.

Promoting Indigenous Manufacturing

The collaboration between the Indian Coast Guard and Hindalco Industries aligns with the government’s push for self-reliance and the ‘Make in India’ initiative. By leveraging domestically produced marine-grade aluminium, the shipbuilding industry can reduce its dependence on imports and contribute to the growth of the domestic manufacturing sector.

Enhancing Coastal Security Capabilities

The addition of more aluminium-hulled vessels to the ICG fleet will significantly enhance the Coast Guard’s ability to patrol and secure India’s vast coastline effectively. These vessels’ shallow draft capabilities make them ideal for operations in coastal areas, estuaries, and inland waterways, bolstering the nation’s maritime security.

Strengthening Industry-Government Partnerships

The MoU between the Indian Coast Guard and Hindalco Industries exemplifies the importance of industry-government collaborations in fostering self-reliance and technological advancements. Such partnerships not only support indigenous manufacturing but also contribute to the broader goal of enhancing India’s maritime capabilities and coastal security infrastructure.

The signing of the MoU was witnessed by senior officials from both organizations, underscoring the commitment to this strategic partnership and its potential to shape India’s shipbuilding industry and maritime security landscape.

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