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Indian Cricket Team Performance at ODI World Cup

Indian Cricket Team Performance at ODI World Cup

India’s journey in the ICC Cricket World Cup has been marked by various highs and lows across different editions. The inaugural appearance in 1975 witnessed India reaching the first round but facing challenges with one win and two losses. The subsequent edition in 1979 followed a similar pattern with no victories in three matches. However, a historic turn came in 1983 when India claimed the championship, winning six out of eight matches.

The following editions saw India progressing to semi-finals in 1987, 1996, 2015, and 2019. Despite a disappointing first round in 1992, India bounced back as the runners-up in 2003. The 2011 edition brought another moment of glory as India clinched the title, winning seven matches and securing their place in cricket history.

Edition Finish Matches won Matches lost Matches tied
1975 First round 1 2
1979 First round 0 3
1983 Champions 6 2
1987 Semi-finals 5 2
1992 First round 2 5 1
1996 Semi-finals 4 3
1999 Super 6s 4 4
2003 Runners-up 9 2
2007 First round 1 2
2011 Champions 7 1 1
2015 Semi-finals 7 1
2019 Semi-finals 7 2

How many times have India won the ODI World Cup

India has secured victory in the ODI World Cup on two occasions. The initial triumph occurred in 1983 when India emerged victorious against the West Indies in the final. Subsequently, after almost three decades, India achieved their second ODI World Cup victory by overcoming Sri Lanka in the 2011 final.

In the 1975 ODI World Cup in England, where the format comprised 60 overs, India made its debut on the global stage. Srinivasaraghavan Venkataraghavan captained the Indian cricket team, which unfortunately exited in the first round with two losses and a single win.

India’s inaugural match in the ODI World Cup took place against England at Lord’s on June 7. Despite Sunil Gavaskar batting throughout the innings, he managed to score only 36 runs off 174 balls. The historic victory in the ODI World Cup came for India in 1983, led by captain Kapil Dev, who played a pivotal role in the campaign held in England.

Following a disappointing performance in 2007, India reclaimed the title in 2011, hosting the tournament. The team faced just one defeat leading up to the final against Sri Lanka.

In the final, Sri Lanka posted a total of 274/6, and India comfortably reached 277/4 with a remarkable performance by Gautam Gambhir and MS Dhoni. Gambhir scored 97, while Captain Dhoni, remaining unbeaten at 91, delivered the winning six at the iconic Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

Sachin Tendulkar, with 482 runs, holds the record for the highest runs in ODI World Cup history, accumulating a total of 2,278 runs.

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