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Indian Government Launches G20 India Mobile App for Visitors

In preparation for the upcoming G20 Summit in Delhi, the Indian government has unveiled the G20 India mobile app, a digital tool designed to facilitate interaction and provide valuable information for all visitors, including ministers. This innovative app, created by the Ministry of External Affairs, aims to enhance the Summit experience for participants and attendees. In a recent announcement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, ministers were urged to download the app, emphasizing its role in fostering communication with foreign delegates.

Key Features of the G20 India Mobile App:

Multilingual Information:

One of the standout features of the G20 India app is its comprehensive information delivery. It is available in 10 languages, including Hindi, German, Portuguese, and Japanese, ensuring accessibility for a diverse international audience.

Virtual Venue Tour:

The app provides a virtual tour of the Summit venue, Bharat Mandapam Convention Center at Pragati Maidan. This feature proves invaluable for delegates, officials, and media personnel to familiarize themselves with the facilities and layout.

Navigation Assistance:

For ease of movement within the multiple Summit venues, the app offers a navigation feature. This feature aids attendees in finding their way around the event complex.

Media and Documentation:

A dedicated section within the app houses press releases, official documents, speeches, delegate experiences, photos, videos, and more. This ensures that users have easy access to vital information and updates.

Yoga Break Feature:

Incorporating wellness into the Summit experience, the app includes a special Yoga Break feature. This feature encourages users to engage in yoga practices whenever they require a moment of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Digital India Experience Zone:

The venue includes a Digital India Experience Zone, and the app serves as a guide to its offerings. Users can explore this zone through the app, discovering various attractions and features available for their enjoyment.

“Ask GITA” Kiosk:

An intriguing addition to the Digital India Experience Zone is the “Ask GITA” kiosk, where users can seek answers to life-related questions in the voice of Krishna, drawing from the teachings of the Shrimad Bhagawad Gita.

Additional Categories:

The G20 India app offers a range of other useful categories, such as Language Translation, Citizen’s Corner, Crafts Bazaar, Explore India, and a Calendar feature, catering to diverse interests and needs.

Security Measures:

As part of the Summit’s security and communication measures, Delhi Police and Indian Army officials are utilizing the Sandes app, developed by the National Informatics Centre (NIC). This secure app enables inspectors and commissioners to confidentially share important documents and texts, adhering to stringent security protocols.

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