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Indian Government’s Stake Sale in State-Run Companies Falls Short in 2023/24

The Indian government aimed to raise funds through the sale of stakes in state-run companies in the fiscal year 2023/24. However, the achieved amount of 165 billion rupees fell short of the internal target by about 9%, reaching $1.98 billion. This setback is attributed to the forthcoming general elections, causing a shift in focus away from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s privatization agenda.

Privatization Targets Amidst Political Priorities

  • Prime Minister Modi’s privatization efforts faced hindrance due to the impending general elections starting on April 19.
  • Despite being one of the best-performing administrations in terms of privatization, Modi’s government has struggled to consistently meet its targets over the past decade.

Lack of Targets for the Current Financial Year

  • In an unprecedented move, Modi’s government refrained from setting targets for the fiscal year starting April 1, breaking away from the usual practice.
  • This absence of specific targets suggests a shift in approach or priorities within the government regarding stake sales in state-run enterprises.

Offset by Higher Dividends

  • While stake sale receipts fell short of expectations, the government managed to partially compensate through higher dividends received from state-run companies.
  • The government exceeded its dividend target for 2023/24, receiving approximately 630 billion rupees compared to the target of 500 billion rupees, as per official government data.

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