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Indian Oil Corporation’s Investment in Renewable Energy: Rs 5,215 Crore for 1 GW Capacity

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has announced a significant investment of Rs 5,215 crore to develop 1 gigawatt (GW) of renewable energy capacity in India. This strategic move aligns with IOC’s broader diversification strategy beyond traditional oil and gas ventures.

Investment Plan

  • The investment plan, approved by the board, focuses on establishing standalone ground-mounted solar, onshore wind, or wind-solar hybrid projects.
  • IOC will inject Rs 1,304 crore in equity for this initiative.
  • The projects will be implemented through a proposed wholly-owned subsidiary dedicated to low-carbon, clean energy ventures.

Expansion Beyond Oil and Gas

  • Indian Oil Corp is actively expanding its footprint beyond oil and gas, venturing into solar, wind, hydrogen, and electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure.
  • Plans are underway to provide EV charging facilities at 10,000 fuel stations, alongside the rollout of EV battery-swapping facilities in key regions.

Strategic Partnerships

  • Recently, IOC signed a preliminary pact with Panasonic to establish a joint venture for manufacturing lithium-ion cells, catering to the two- and three-wheeler market.
  • Additionally, a joint venture with Isr IOC arm is in progress to bolster the renewable energy capacity, underscoring IOC’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Path to Net-Zero

  • IOC aims to achieve net-zero operational emissions by 2046, demonstrating its commitment to environmental sustainability and combating climate change.
  • The formation of a new subsidiary in the green energy segment is underway, subject to regulatory approvals, to support IOC’s net-zero targets and renewable energy initiatives.

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