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Indian Oil ropes in Chef Sanjeev Kapoor as its Brand Ambassador

What’s in News?

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOC), a prominent player in the oil and gas industry, is taking significant steps to expand its business in the commercial and industrial LPG segment. The company recently launched a captivating video conferencing featuring Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor as a brand ambassador for its Indane XTRATEJ LPG brand.

Introduction of Indane XTRATEJ LPJ Brand

In a recent event held in Bengaluru, V. Satish Kumar, Marketing Director at Indian Oil, unveiled a brand-new video commercial that highlights the Indane XTRATEJ LPG Brand. This new offering aims to provide a cost-efficient solution that not only meets the requirements of various segments such as hotels and hospitality but also addresses the growing expectations of customers in an era of rapid change.

Rapid Growth in Market Volume

Sailendra, Executive Director at Indian Oil, revealed that the company has experienced remarkable year-on-year growth in the market volume of Indane XTRATEJ LPG. This growth signifies the positive demand for this product among consumers.

Saving and Benefits with XTRATEJ LPG

The Indane XTRATEJ brand comes with a guarantee of a minimum of 5% savings and users have the potential to save even more based on their usage pattern. This cost-effectiveness, combined with the endorsement by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, makes XTRATEJ a compelling choice for businesses in the hospitality and commercial sector.

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s Endorsement

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor expressed his appreciation for Indian Oil’s efforts in providing a solution like Indane XTRATEJ LPG. In a time when customer expectations are evolving rapidly, this offering not only conserves LPG but also offers a promising way to manage costs effectively.

Upcoming Launch of High-Pressure Variable Regulator and Commercial LPG Hose

Indian Oil is going to launch two key products in the market: high-pressure variable regulator and commercial LPG hose, currently awaiting approval from LERC. These products are designed to cater to the specific needs of hoteliers and caterers, ensuring that they have access to reliable and efficient equipment.

Dominance in the Market

Indian Oil has consistently shown its dominance in the LPG sector, boasting an impressive 49% market share. The company caters to a staggering 16 crore customer connections and delivers 27 lakh cylinders daily.

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