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Indian President Inaugurated 5th Meghalaya Games


On January 15, 2024, the President of India, Smt Droupadi Murmu, inaugurated the 5th Edition of the Meghalaya Games in Tura, Meghalaya. In her address, the President highlighted the tremendous potential for the development of sports and sportspersons in the North East region, citing its rich tradition of a strong sports culture.

The 5th edition of the Meghalaya Games is accommodating nearly 3000 athletes, engaging in competitions across 23 disciplines distributed among 16 venues in Tura throughout a span of 6 days.

5th Edition of Meghalaya Games Breaks New Grounds in Tura

The 5th installment of the Meghalaya Games holds historical significance on multiple fronts. Notably, it marks the inaugural occasion of being hosted in Tura, a departure from its previous exclusive location in Shillong. Additionally, this edition introduces traditional indigenous games into its lineup, and it is distinguished as the first instance where the inauguration is carried out by the President of India.

Harnessing Diversity for Global Recognition

Smt Droupadi Murmu emphasized the diversity that defines the beauty of India and called for its utilization to enhance the nation’s global image in the sports arena. She particularly stressed the need to support and groom talent from tribal areas, recognizing their potential to become professional sportspersons.

Empowering Women in Sports

The President expressed her satisfaction with the North East society’s encouragement of women in sports, stating that the region has produced numerous great women athletes. This endorsement of women’s participation in sports aligns with the broader push for gender equality and empowerment.

Adventure Sports and Tourism Potential

Recognizing the potential of adventure sports and adventure tourism in the North East, the President urged the exploration and prioritization of these activities. This acknowledgment not only promotes sports but also highlights the region’s unique offerings, potentially boosting tourism.

India’s Sporting Progress and Government Initiatives

Smt Droupadi Murmu commended India’s evolving sporting culture, attributing it to the government’s initiatives and increased support for athletes. She pointed to successful programs like Khelo India, which identify and nurture future sports champions. The President highlighted India’s ability to host large-scale international sporting events, showcasing the nation’s prowess on the global stage.

Encouraging Youth Participation

In her address, the President urged children and youth to engage in sports activities, emphasizing the importance of adopting at least one sport. Regardless of pursuing sports professionally, she highlighted the benefits of playing together – instilling team spirit, competitiveness, and contributing to physical and mental fitness.

Wider Reach Through Regional Games

Commending the government’s decision to organize sporting events like Meghalaya Games in different parts of the state, the President believes it will ensure a wider reach among the masses. She expressed confidence that events like these will motivate athletes for excellence, promote competitiveness, and contribute to creating a vibrant sporting ecosystem in the region.

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