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2000 km network to be brought by Indian Railways under ‘KAVACH’ in 2022-23

The trial of the ‘Kavach’ functioning system between Gullaguda and Chitgidda Railway stations was examined by Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw, Union Minister of Railways, Communication, Electronics and Information Technology. 2,000 km of railway network will be brought under Kavach for safety and capacity augmentation in 2022-23, as a part of Prime minister’s Atmanirbhar Bharat.

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  • During the testing, both locomotives were travelling towards each other, creating a head-on collision situation.
  • The ‘Kavach’ system activated the automatic braking mechanism, bringing the locomotives to a complete stop 380 metres apart.
  • The locomotive was also tested crossing the red light; however, the locomotive did not pass the red signal because ‘Kavach’ required the automated deployment of brakes.
  • When the gate signal neared, the automatic whistle sounded loud and clear. During the trial, the crew did not touch the sound or brake systems manually.
  • When the locomotive was ran on the loop line, the speed restriction of 30 km/h was checked. As the locomotive approached the loop line, ‘Kavach’ automatically decreased the speed to 30 km/h from 60 km/h.


  • Shri V.K.Tripathi (Chairman & CEO, Railway Board)
  • Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw (Union Minister of Railways, Communication and Electronics & Information Technology)


The KAVACH is an ATP system created in India by the Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO) in partnership with Indian industry, with testing facilitated by South Central Railway, to meet the corporate goal of train safety across Indian Railways. It’s a cutting-edge electronic system that meets Safety Integrity Level – 4 criteria.


  • KAVACH is designed to protect trains by preventing them from passing the Danger (Red) signal and colliding.
  • It prevents collisions between two locomotives equipped with a functional KAVACH system by automatically activating the train braking system if the driver fails to regulate the train according to the speed regulations.

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