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India’s first hydrogen-powered train to run from Jind district, Haryana


In a significant step towards embracing sustainable transportation, India is poised to launch its first-ever hydrogen-powered train. Hydrogen trains, which rely on fuel cells to convert hydrogen and oxygen into electricity, offer a clean and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional diesel trains. This groundbreaking initiative marks a promising stride in India’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions and combat pollution.

Jind to Sonipat: The Inaugural Route

The first hydrogen fuel-powered train in India is scheduled to operate along the Jind-Sonipat route. This strategic choice for the inaugural route highlights the commitment of Indian authorities to transform regional transport networks with sustainable alternatives. By launching the hydrogen train in this corridor, India aims to demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of hydrogen technology in a real-world setting.

Prototype Details: Eight Bogies and Beyond

The initial prototype of the hydrogen train in India is expected to feature eight bogies. These well-designed compartments will provide comfortable and efficient transportation for passengers. While the first model showcases the potential of hydrogen-powered trains, future iterations may see advancements in terms of speed, capacity, and additional features.

Environmental Advantages: A Cleaner Future on the Rails

Hydrogen trains offer numerous environmental benefits compared to traditional diesel locomotives. Unlike their counterparts, hydrogen trains do not emit harmful pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide, or particulate matter. By eliminating these hazardous emissions, hydrogen trains play a crucial role in curbing air pollution, mitigating climate change, and enhancing the overall quality of the environment.

Expanding the Hydrogen Train Network

While hydrogen trains have gained prominence primarily in Germany, India’s entry into this domain signifies a broader global movement towards sustainable transportation solutions. By embracing hydrogen-powered trains, India joins the league of countries actively investing in cutting-edge technologies to build a cleaner and more efficient rail network. This expansion of hydrogen train networks promises to revolutionize the future of rail travel worldwide.

Important takeaways for competitive examinations

  • General Manager of Indian Northern Railways is Shobhan Chaudhry.
  • Germany’s ‘Coradia iLint‘ is the world’s first passenger train powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.
  • India’s first green hydrogen plant has been commissioned by Oil India Limited (OIL) at its Jorhat Pump Station in Assam.

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