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India’s first successful full-arm transplant performed in Kerala hospital

India’s first full arm transplant was performed at the Kerala-based Amrita Hospital. 20 surgeons, 10 anesthetists, and 5 practice sessions were performed which took 18 hours of surgery. It is the third of its type in the world, such a transplant was only performed previously in Mexico and France.

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Key Points Related to India’s first successful full-arm transplant 

  • After receiving several requests for limb transplants from across the world, which includes several parts of Middle Eastern countries and southeast Asian Countries, Amrita Hospital in Kochi accepted the request to perform a shoulder level full arm transplant.
  • First request was accepted from Amaresh, who is an unmarried man, he suffered a severe injury in 2017 due to electric shock while repairing charged electric cables. His hands sustained several fractures and electric burns.
  • Both his hands were amputated to save his life. He waited for a suitable donor for years, and Vinod agreed to donate his hands. Vinod is a 54-year-old man working in West Asia, he met an accident and suffered serious injuries, and lost his life in Thiruvananthapuram.
  • Vinod’s family donated his various organs, including his hands, and doctors of Amrita Hospital flew to Thiruvananthapuram to harvest the organ.
  • The team of doctors for the full arm surgery was led by Dr. Subramania Iyer, head, of the center of Plastic and Reconstruction surgery, and Dr. Mohit Sharma, Professor, Center for Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery.

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