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India’s IN-SPACe Inaugurates Satellite & Payload Technical Centre in Ahmedabad

Union Minister of State for Science and Technology Jitendra Singh inaugurated a pioneering technical center in Ahmedabad, representing a significant advancement in India’s space sector. Established by the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre (IN-SPACe), this center aims to revolutionize private sector involvement in space technology development and testing.

Technical Centre’s Capabilities and Focus

  • Location: Situated at IN-SPACe headquarters in Bopal, Ahmedabad.
  • Focus: Primarily directed towards satellites and payloads, with additional provisions for launch vehicle simulation and mission planning.
  • Facilities: Equipped with cutting-edge resources including a Climate Simulation Test Facility, Thermal and Vacuum Environment Simulation Facility, and Space Systems Design Lab.
  • Objective: Providing a comprehensive suite of tools for rigorous validation of space technologies under simulated space conditions.

Boosting Private Sector Participation

  • Strategic Move: Inauguration of the technical center aims to elevate the role of the private sector in India’s space endeavors.
  • Vision: Shifting from being suppliers to ISRO to becoming full-fledged system designers and developers.
  • Alignment: Initiative aligned with the government’s goal of fostering collaboration between public and private sectors for common space exploration objectives.

Investment and Future Prospects

  • Investment Landscape: Private entities invested ₹1000 crore in India’s space sector between April and December 2023.
  • Acceleration: Establishment of the technical center poised to expedite India’s advancements in space technology.

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