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India’s Net FDI Hits 21-Month High at $5.9 Billion in October 2023

In October 2023, India experienced a surge in net foreign direct investment (FDI), reaching a 21-month high at $5.9 billion. This upswing was attributed to robust gross inflows and a decrease in repatriation. The Reserve Bank of India’s data revealed a notable increase from $1.54 billion in September 2023 and $1.16 billion in October 2022.

Key Points

  1. Repatriation Decline: Repatriation, the withdrawal of funds from direct investments in India, dropped to $1.10 billion in October 2023, compared to $3.43 billion in September 2023 and $2.93 billion in October 2022.

  2. Major Source Countries: Mauritius, Singapore, Cyprus, and Japan emerged as major contributors, accounting for over four-fifths of the total FDI inflows in October 2023.
  3. Sectoral Inflows: Approximately four-fifths of gross inward FDI equity flows were directed towards manufacturing, retail and wholesale trade, electricity and other energy sectors, and the financial services sector.
  4. Global Investment Landscape: Despite global economic challenges, emerging economies like India continue to attract investments. The RBI’s ‘State of Economy’ article in the November 2023 bulletin emphasized India’s resilience as an investment destination.

Contrast in Cumulative FDI

However, the cumulative net FDI for April-October 2023 plummeted by half, reaching $10.43 billion compared to $20.76 billion in the same period of 2022. This downturn is attributed to the worldwide economic slowdown affecting both inbound and outbound investment flows.

Outward FDI Commitments in November 2023

India’s outward FDI commitments declined by 19.6% in November 2023 to $1.55 billion. This is in stark contrast to the over $1.93 billion recorded in October 2023 and a significant drop from $3.67 billion in November 2022. The components of outward FDI, including equity, loans, and guarantees, all witnessed notable reductions.

Questions Related to Exams

Q: What drove India’s FDI surge in October 2023?

A: India saw a 21-month high at $5.9 billion due to robust inflows and reduced repatriation.

Q: Which countries contributed significantly to the FDI inflow?

A: Major contributors were Mauritius, Singapore, Cyprus, and Japan, accounting for over four-fifths of total FDI in October 2023.

Q: Why did cumulative FDI drop sharply in April-October 2023?

A: Global economic slowdown led to a halving of cumulative FDI to $10.43 billion from $20.76 billion in April-October 2022.

Q: How did India’s outward FDI commitments change in November 2023?

A: Outward FDI commitments fell by 19.6% to $1.55 billion, indicating challenges amidst global de-risking efforts.

India's Net FDI Hits 21-Month High at $5.9 Billion in October 2023_4.1

India's Net FDI Hits 21-Month High at $5.9 Billion in October 2023_5.1