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IndiGo Places Record-Breaking Order for 500 Airbus A320 Family Aircraft

Indian low-cost carrier IndiGo has made aviation history at the Paris Air Show 2023 by securing a monumental deal with Airbus. The airline has placed an order for 500 Airbus A320 family aircraft, marking the largest-ever single aircraft purchase by any airline from Airbus.

IndiGo Surpasses Air India’s Previous Mega Order

IndiGo’s latest order surpasses Air India’s record-breaking order of 470 aircraft placed earlier this year with both Airbus and Boeing. The significant purchase solidifies IndiGo’s position as the world’s biggest customer of the A320 Family, underlining its continued growth and success in the aviation industry.

IndiGo Places Record-Breaking Order for 500 Airbus A320 Family Aircraft
IndiGo Places Record-Breaking Order for 500 Airbus A320 Family Aircraft

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Expansion of IndiGo’s Fleet and Order-Book

IndiGo’s order of 500 aircraft complements its existing fleet of over 300 planes. When combined with a previous order of 480 aircraft, the airline’s order-book now approaches the remarkable milestone of 1,000 aircraft. This substantial acquisition guarantees a steady stream of deliveries from 2030 to 2035, contributing to IndiGo’s long-term growth strategy.

Enhancing the Strategic Partnership with Airbus

The purchase agreement, signed at the Paris Air Show 2023, strengthens the strategic relationship between IndiGo and Airbus. While the engine selection and specific mix of A320 and A321 aircraft are yet to be determined, this record-breaking order deepens the collaboration between the two entities.

Fuel Efficiency and Sustainability Advancements

IndiGo’s decision to invest in the fuel-efficient A320NEO family aircraft aligns with the airline’s commitment to reducing operating costs and enhancing fuel efficiency. The young and eco-friendly fleet will further support IndiGo in achieving its sustainability goals, building upon an already impressive 21% reduction in CO2 emissions between FY16 and FY23.

IndiGo’s Vision for Economic Growth and Connectivity

IndiGo’s CEO, Pieter Elbers, emphasizes that the nearly 1,000-aircraft order-book positions the airline to drive economic growth, social cohesion, and mobility in India. With a mission to democratize affordable air travel, IndiGo aims to boost India’s air connectivity within its domestic network and expand into international markets through its partnership with Airbus.

Airbus’ Commitment to India’s Aviation Market

Christian Scherer, Airbus’ Chief Commercial Officer and Head of International, expresses excitement about the partnership’s expansion and the positive impact it will have on India’s air travel landscape. By supporting the growth of India’s air connectivity, this landmark order with IndiGo will contribute to making affordable air travel accessible to millions of people in one of the world’s fastest-growing aviation markets.

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