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Indore Tops Swachh Vayu Sarvekshan 2023 Clean Air Survey


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious plan to improve air quality in over 100 Indian cities through a holistic approach has taken significant strides towards fruition. The recently released Swachh Vayu Sarvekshan 2023 (Clean Air Survey) report, conducted by the Central Pollution Control Board, reveals that Indore, Amravati, and Parwanoo boast the cleanest air in India. These cities have diligently worked towards improving their air quality and have emerged as leaders in the battle against air pollution.

Rankings in Cities with Over One Million Population

In cities with a population exceeding one million, Indore secured the top spot, followed by Agra and Thane. Bhopal, a notable performer, stood fifth, while the national capital, Delhi, claimed the ninth spot. This ranking underscores the effectiveness of localized efforts in combatting air pollution in densely populated urban areas.

Challenges in Madurai, Jammu, and Kohima

Madurai, Jammu, and Kohima face significant challenges in terms of air quality. According to the report, these cities rank the lowest, highlighting the urgent need for targeted interventions to address their air pollution issues. The findings emphasize the importance of tailored action plans for cities struggling with deteriorating air quality.

Efforts through National Clean Air Programme (NCAP)

Prime Minister Modi’s commitment to improving air quality paved the way for the National Clean Air Programme (NCAP), initiated by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) in 2019. The NCAP outlines strategies for reducing air pollution at city and regional levels. Under this program, 131 cities have been identified for the implementation of city-specific action plans to achieve improved air quality.

As part of the NCAP, the government has launched the “PRANA” portal, dedicated to monitoring the program’s implementation. This platform serves as a knowledge-sharing hub, enabling cities to learn from each other’s best practices and adopt effective strategies to combat air pollution.

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