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IndusInd Bank Introduces ‘Indus Solitaire Program’ for the Diamond Industry

IndusInd Bank has recently launched the ‘Indus Solitaire Program,’ an innovative community banking initiative specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of the diamond industry. This comprehensive program is set to provide an array of exclusive benefits and features, reinforcing the bank’s commitment to serving the diamond community.

Tailored Banking Solutions for Diamond Industry Professionals

1. Exclusive Branch Presence:

  • The program will be accessible through IndusInd Bank’s flagship branches strategically located in key cities, with a particular focus on Mumbai and Surat.

2. Specialized Banking Features:

  • 24×7 locker access at select branches to ensure the security of valuable assets.
  • Family account add-ons for a comprehensive banking experience.
  • Zero cross-currency markup fee on foreign exchange transactions, facilitating international business for industry professionals.

Enhanced Lifestyle Benefits

3. Customized Debit and Credit Cards:

  • Specialized cards offering perks such as complimentary golf lessons, movie tickets, and no foreign exchange fees, enhancing the overall lifestyle of program members.

Personalized Financial Services

4. Dedicated Relationship Managers:

  • The program emphasizes personalized service with dedicated relationship managers catering to the unique financial needs of clients within the diamond industry.

5. Special Salary Accounts:

  • The initiative includes the provision of special salary accounts tailored for employees in the diamond sector, recognizing and addressing their distinct financial requirements.

Expansion to Surat Diamond Bourse

6. Surat Diamond Bourse Branch Inauguration:

  • In line with its commitment to the diamond community, IndusInd Bank has inaugurated a new branch at the Surat Diamond Bourse, the world’s largest diamond trading hub.
  • This branch will focus on providing both business and personal banking solutions to the Surat diamond community.

Important Questions Related to Exams

Q: What is the ‘Indus Solitaire Program’ launched by IndusInd Bank?

A: It’s a community banking initiative tailored for the diamond industry, offering exclusive benefits like 24/7 locker access, family accounts, and zero cross-currency markup fees.

Q: Where will the program be accessible?

A: Primarily through IndusInd Bank’s flagship branches, with a focus on Mumbai and Surat.

Q: Is there an expansion to the Surat Diamond Bourse?

A: Yes, a new branch has been inaugurated to offer business and personal banking solutions to the Surat diamond community.


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