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Infosys in TIME’s ‘The World’s Best Companies of 2023’ List


In a remarkable achievement, Infosys, the Bengaluru-headquartered IT services provider, has secured a coveted spot on TIME magazine’s ‘The World’s Best Companies of 2023’ list. Infosys stands out as the only Indian company to make it into the top 100 rankings, claiming the 64th position with an impressive overall score of 88.38. Notably, the company has earned a ‘very high’ growth rate, a testament to its commitment to excellence. On sustainability, Infosys ranked 135, and 103 for employee-satisfaction.

About Infosys

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Founded in 1981 by four engineers, including NR Narayana Murthy, Infosys has grown into India’s second-largest IT company in terms of revenue. The company’s illustrious history is marked by its dedication to technological excellence and innovation. Notably, Infosys has a prominent connection to the political landscape of the United Kingdom, as the son-in-law of NR Narayana Murthy is Rishi Sunak, who serves as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

About the TIME World’s 100 Best Companies List

TIME, in collaboration with Statista, conducted a comprehensive evaluation of 750 firms from around the world to compile this prestigious list. The rankings were determined through a rigorous assessment that considered several key factors, including revenue growth, employee-satisfaction surveys, and extensive analysis of environmental, social, and corporate governance data. Infosys’s remarkable performance across these dimensions propelled it to its well-deserved spot.

Here are the top 20 companies

Rank Company Country Overall score
1. Microsoft United States 96.46
2. Apple United States 96.36
3. Alphabet United States 95.18
4. Meta Platforms United States 94.85
5. Accenture Ireland 94.43
6. Pfizer United States 93.75
7. American Express United States 92.46
8. Electricide de France France 92.40
9. BMW Group Germany 91.95
10. Dell Technologies United States 91.59
11. Louis Vitton France 91.35
12 Delta Airlines United States 91.13
13. Enel Italy 91.00
14. Starbucks Corp. United States 90.96
15. Volkswagen Group Germany 90.81
16. General Motors United States 90.78
17. Elevance Health United States 90.61
18. Bosch Germany 90.57
19. Ford United States 90.51
20. Johnson & Johnson United States 90.39
64. Infosys India 88.38

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