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Innovative Election Initiative: Punjab Launches ‘Booth Raabta’ Website

In an innovative move aimed at enhancing voter engagement and accessibility to election-related information, Punjab’s Malerkotla district has introduced the ‘Booth Raabta’ website. Spearheaded by District Election Officer and Deputy Commissioner, Dr. Pallavi, this platform, accessible via boothraabta.com, serves as a comprehensive resource hub for voters and polling personnel alike. The initiative has garnered praise from key officials, including Deputy Election Commissioner of India, Hirdesh Kumar, and Punjab Chief Electoral Officer, Sibin C.

Empowering Voters and Enhancing Participation

The ‘Booth Raabta’ website facilitates easy access to crucial election-related information, empowering voters with the tools they need to make informed decisions. Notably, it offers young voters the ability to download certificates and provides a platform for voters to rate polling stations, enhancing transparency and accountability in the electoral process.

Ensuring Accessibility and Safety

Acknowledging the importance of accessibility and safety, the website also features provisions for requesting ambulances and accessing information about government hospitals with just one click, particularly crucial during periods like the heat wave season.

Transparent Governance: Chief Electoral Officer’s Directive

In line with the principles of transparent governance, Chief Electoral Officer of Punjab, Sibin C., has directed all districts to furnish detailed reports on liquor and drug seizures post the enforcement of the Model Code of Conduct. Additionally, emphasis is placed on initiatives to boost voter turnout, enhance webcasting arrangements, and ensure preparedness at polling stations.

Commitment to Fair Elections

Assuring a fair and pressure-free electoral process, Sibin C. underscored the Commission’s commitment to conducting Lok Sabha elections with integrity. Special focus is placed on establishing model polling stations inspired by the cultural themes of Punjab, aiming to create a welcoming and enriching voting experience for all citizens.

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