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International Animation Day 2022 observed on 28th October

International Animation Day 2022 observed on 28th October_4.1

International Animation Day 2022:

International Animation Day is celebrated on 28 October every year. It was in this year when the International Animated Film Association (ASIFA) declared International Animation Day (IAD) as a worldwide occasion to commend the speciality of animation. This day is celebrated in more than 50 distinct nations throughout the world. IAD was started by ASIFA, an individual from UNESCO.

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Why do we need to celebrate Animation Day?

The day is celebrated to commemorate the first public animation performance, Theatre Optique at the Musée Grévin in Paris. The moving picture technology utilised in the animated performance was developed by Charles-Emile Reynaud. There are various animation styles, including traditional 2D animation, 3D animation, stop motion animation, and typographic animation.

History of International Animation Day:

The International Film Association established International Animation Day in 2002, honouring the birth of animation, recognized as the first public performance of projected moving images at Emile Reynaud’s Theatre Optique in Paris, on the 28th October 1892. This day recognises the main open execution of Charles-Émile Reynaud’s Théâtre Optique at the Grevin Museum in Paris, 1892. It was in the year 1895, the Cinematograph of the Lumière siblings outshone Raynaud’s creation, driving Émile to chapter 11.

Important takeaways for all competitive exams:

  • President of ASIFA: Deanna Morse;
  • ASIFA Founder: John Halas;
  • ASIFA Founded: 1960, Annecy, France.

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International Animation Day 2022 observed on 28th October_5.1Union Territory of J&K celebrates its Accession Day on 26th October_90.1

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