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International Day of Peace 2023: Date, Theme, Celebration, History and Significance


Each year on 21 September, the world comes together to observe the International Day of Peace (IDP). This day, established by the United Nations (UN), serves as a reminder of our commitment to peace, non-violence, and conflict resolution. In 2023, the significance of this day is heightened as it coincides with the mid-point milestone of implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), emphasizing the interconnectedness of peace and sustainable development.

International Day of Peace 2023 Theme

The theme for the 2023 International Day of Peace is “Actions for Peace: Our Ambition for the #GlobalGoals.” This theme underscores our individual and collective responsibility in fostering peace. It highlights the critical role peace plays in achieving the SDGs, as well as the imperative to engage diverse actors, including the 1.2 billion young people worldwide, to ensure the goals’ success. The three key areas of focus are fighting inequality, driving action on climate change, and promoting and protecting human rights.

Significance of International Day of Peace

Commitment to Peace and Conflict Resolution

The International Day of Peace reaffirms the UN’s commitment to peace and conflict resolution. It serves as a call for individuals, communities, and nations to work collaboratively towards a more peaceful and just world. True peace, as recognized by the UN, extends beyond the absence of violence and encompasses the creation of societies where all members can flourish.

Promoting Dialogue and Cooperation

This day remains vital for promoting dialogue, understanding, and cooperation among people and nations. It provides a platform for bridging differences and fostering a shared commitment to peace, irrespective of race or nationality. The ultimate goal is to build a global culture of peace where everyone is treated equally.

Celebration of International Day of Peace

United Nations Peace Bell

In 1986, the United Nations Peace Bell was inaugurated at the UN Headquarters in New York City. An annual ceremony is held on the International Day of Peace, during which the Peace Bell is rung to symbolize the call for global peace. The Peace Bell was crafted from coins and medals donated by representatives of Member States, religious leaders, and children from over 60 nations who supported the initiative.

Symbolic Bell Tower

The design of the bell tower is inspired by the Hanamido, a small temple adorned with flowers symbolizing the birthplace of Buddha. The Peace Bell is rung twice a year: on the first day of spring, during the Vernal Equinox, and on September 21 to commemorate the International Day for Peace.

History of International Day of Peace

The history of the International Day of Peace dates back to the United Nations General Assembly passing Resolution 36/67 on September 30, 1981. This resolution called for a global ceasefire and the cessation of all hostilities on that day. Subsequently, the third Tuesday of September each year was declared as the International Day of Peace. The first official observance took place on September 21, 1982, and later in 2001, this date was officially established as September 21, marking a significant step toward promoting peace and raising awareness about the importance of peacekeeping efforts worldwide.

In conclusion, the International Day of Peace serves as a powerful reminder of our collective responsibility to foster peace, promote sustainable development, and build a world where all individuals can thrive. It is a day of reflection, action, and unity in pursuit of a more peaceful and just global society.

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