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International Day of the Seafarer 2024, Date, Importance and History

Every year on June 25th, we celebrate the International Day of the Seafarer. This special day was created by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in 2010 to recognize the important role seafarers play in our daily lives and the global economy.

Why We Celebrate

The Importance of Seafarers

Did you know that almost everything we use has been transported by sea at some point? From the clothes we wear to the food we eat, seafarers make sure these items reach us safely. They are the unsung heroes behind global trade.

A Day of Appreciation

The Day of the Seafarer is a chance to say “thank you” to these hard-working individuals. We recognize their contributions to the world economy and society, as well as the risks and personal sacrifices they make in their jobs.

The World of Maritime Trade

A Global Impact

According to the IMO, ships carry nearly 90% of the world’s traded goods. That’s a huge amount! Seafarers don’t just operate these ships – they’re responsible for making sure cargo is delivered safely and smoothly.

Challenges at Sea

Life as a seafarer isn’t easy. They face many challenges, including:

  • Long periods away from home and family
  • Dangerous weather conditions
  • The threat of piracy in some areas
  • Difficult working conditions

Raising Awareness

More Than Just Thanks

The Day of the Seafarer isn’t just about saying thank you. It’s also about bringing attention to the issues that affect seafarers’ work and lives. This includes:

  • Calling for fair treatment of seafarers at ports
  • Asking ship companies to provide good facilities and comforts for their workers
  • Encouraging governments to create policies that protect seafarers’ rights

How We Celebrate

Going Digital

Since 2011, the IMO has taken the celebration online. They encourage people to use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to:

  • Share messages of support for seafarers
  • Thank seafarers for their hard work
  • Raise awareness about maritime issues

Global Recognition

The United Nations has officially recognized the Day of the Seafarer, adding it to their list of important observances. This shows just how significant seafarers are to our global community.

The History Behind the Day

A Worldwide Agreement

The Day of the Seafarer was established during an important meeting in Manila in 2010. At this meeting, countries agreed on new standards for training seafarers (called the STCW Convention).

A Call to Action

The resolution that created this day encourages everyone involved in shipping – from governments to companies – to promote the Day of the Seafarer and find meaningful ways to celebrate it.

Important takeaways for all competitive exams

  • International Maritime Organization Headquarters: London, United Kingdom;
  • International Maritime Organization Founded: 17 March 1958;
  • International Maritime Organization Head: Secretary-General; Arsenio Dominguez.


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