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ISRO injects Chandrayaan-3 into translunar orbit

The Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft, which marks India’s third lunar exploration mission, has accomplished a noteworthy achievement by entering the moon’s sphere of influence. This successful entry was made possible through a TransLunar Injection (TLI) executed by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The upcoming crucial step is the Lunar Orbit Insertion (LOI) scheduled for August 5, during which the spacecraft’s liquid engine will be activated once more to position it into a lunar orbit.

Successful TransLunar Injection from Bengaluru

ISRO’s Telemetry, Tracking, and Command Network (ISTRAC) in Bengaluru has executed the TransLunar Injection (TLI), enabling Chandrayaan-3 to successfully complete its orbits around Earth and begin its journey towards the Moon. The spacecraft’s health status has been confirmed as normal, ensuring a promising start to its lunar mission.

TransLunar Injection (TLI)

The Trans Lunar Injection (TLI) is a vital maneuver executed in space missions to propel spacecraft from Earth’s orbit onto a trajectory leading them to the Moon. This pivotal step in lunar missions allows spacecraft to break free from Earth’s gravitational force and commence their journey towards the Moon. TLI is precisely carried out when the spacecraft reaches a specific position in its orbit, referred to as ‘perigee,’ denoting the closest proximity to Earth

Final Lunar Orbit Separation

After the Lunar Orbit Insertion (LOI), the mission entails four more planned orbital maneuvers to position the spacecraft at an approximate distance of 100 km from the moon’s surface. Chandrayaan-3 consists of a lander module (LM), a propulsion module (PM), and a rover. The anticipated event of PM and LM separation is scheduled for August 17, followed by a sequence of deboost maneuvers to prepare for the powered descent phase aimed at achieving a gentle landing on the lunar surface.

Moon Landing Date

The spacecraft is scheduled to make a touchdown on the moon’s surface at 5.47 p.m. on August 23. This significant milestone will signify India’s ongoing advancement in lunar exploration and scientific discoveries.

Key takeaways for competitive examinations

  • Chandrayaan-3 was launched on: 14 July 2023

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