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IT-gaints Google launches ‘FloodHub’, a platform to forecast flood

IT-gaints Google launches 'FloodHub', a platform to forecast flood_4.1

An American technology giant, Google has launched a platform that displays flood forecasts, namely ‘FloodHub’. This platform shows the area and time where floods could occur, in order to inform people about the natural calamity and authorities can assist them with effectively. The technology giant has also expanded its AI flood forecasting services to 18 counties across Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia. To recall, these flood forecasting services supported by AI were first introduced in India back in 2018.

Google FloodHub: Key points

  • Google launched its flood forecasting services to safeguard people against disasters and natural calamities in 2018. Google states that the company has used an AI technique called transfer learning to make it work in areas where there is less data available.
  • Meanwhile, the search engine has also integrated its Lens image recognition feature into many of its other features. It includes Google Chrome and Photos.
  • Recently, 9to5Google has pointed out that Google is adding a Lens button to its home page, in its search bar. After users click on the Lens button, they would be prompted to upload an image or paste a URL to one.

Important takeaways for all competitive exams:

  • Google CEO: Sundar Pichai;
  • Google Founded: 4 September 1998;
  • Google Headquarters: Mountain View, California, United States;
  • Google Founders: Larry Page, Sergey Brin;
  • Google Parent organization: Alphabet Inc.

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