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Italian Luxury Brand, Brioni, Enters Indian Market


French luxury group Kering’s esteemed menswear brand, Brioni, has officially landed in India, with the help of DS Luxury, a distinguished entity under the umbrella of Dharampal Satyapal Group Limited.

First boutique at Chanakya mall

  • The brand’s first boutique is set to grace Delhi’s upscale retail landscape at the Chanakya mall.
  • Boasting a curated collection of ready-to-wear clothing and accessories, the boutique will also provide bespoke services, embodying the epitome of personalized luxury.

Elevating Luxury Fashion with DS Luxury’s Strategic Vision

  • Mehdi Benabadji, the CEO of Brioni, conveyed optimism that Indian consumers would savor the distinctive savoir-faire that Brioni brings to the world of fashion.
  • This strategic move aligns with DS Luxury’s vision of introducing iconic luxury brands to discerning consumers across various segments.

Ritesh Kumar Confident in Brioni’s Sophistication and Exclusivity

  • Ritesh Kumar, promoter of DS Luxury, expressed confidence in patrons appreciating the sophistication and exclusivity that Brioni represents.
  • This new boutique underscores DS Luxury’s unwavering dedication to delivering the utmost in luxury fashion, solidifying its role as a prominent arbiter of premium retail experiences in India.

DS Group’s Diverse Luxury Portfolio

  • DS Group, renowned for its FMCG products under the Catch brand, made headlines earlier this year by announcing its partnership with the luxury Swiss chocolate brand Laderach for its India launch.
  • The group’s diverse luxury portfolio extends beyond chocolates, featuring prominent brands like Berluti and Tom Ford in its luxury division.
  • DS Group’s foray into the world of high-end fashion and lifestyle signifies a commitment to offering a diverse range of premium experiences to the Indian consumer.

India’s Growing Appetite for Luxury

  • India’s luxury goods market, though relatively small on a global scale, is experiencing remarkable growth.
  • According to research firm Euromonitor International, the country’s luxury goods market is among the world’s fastest-growing. Projections indicate that it will reach $8.5 billion in 2023, reflecting a substantial increase of $2.5 billion over 2021.
  • This surge underscores the evolving preferences and increasing purchasing power of Indian consumers in the luxury segment.

Elevating Luxury Retail in India

  • As Brioni opens its doors in Delhi, the collaboration between the French luxury giant and DS Luxury adds a new chapter to India’s evolving luxury retail landscape.
  • The fusion of Brioni’s timeless elegance and DS Luxury’s commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences signifies a promising era for luxury enthusiasts in the country.

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