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Italy develops ‘iFeel-You’ bracelet for social distancing

Italy develops 'iFeel-You' bracelet for social distancing_4.1

The Genoa-based Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) has developed ‘iFeel-You’ bracelet for social distancing. This bracelet will help users respect social distancing rules. The bracelet has been developed as the measures for safeguarding against the coronavirus lockdown is being gradually lifted.

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This bracelet uses a radio signal only when another bracelet is approaching, it does not use GPS and therefore does not keep track of user locations. It just reminds us when needed that we are not observing social distancing rules.

Important takeaways for all competitive exams:

  • President of Italy: Sergio Mattarella Trending.
  • Capital of Italy: Rome.
  • The currency of Italy: Italian lira.

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Italy develops 'iFeel-You' bracelet for social distancing_5.1

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