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Jacintha Kalyan Makes History as India’s First Female Pitch Curator

In a groundbreaking move for Indian cricket, Jacintha Kalyan has etched her name in the annals of sports history as the country’s first female pitch curator. With the highly anticipated 2nd edition of the Women’s Premier League (WPL) just around the corner, the excitement among fans, players, and tournament organizers is palpable.

Breaking Barriers in Cricket

Jacintha Kalyan’s journey to becoming India’s first female curator is nothing short of inspiring. Previously serving in the administrative sector, Kalyan made a bold transition to curatorship driven by her unwavering passion for the game. Undeterred by the challenges and comments about being the sole woman in her role, she remains focused on her task, poised to leave her mark on the cricketing landscape.

Diligence and Dedication

Known for her dedication and diligence, Kalyan spends long hours under the scorching sun, meticulously preparing pitches from dawn till late evening. Her commitment to excellence is evident as she immerses herself in the intricacies of pitch preparation, learning and evolving with each passing day.

Preparing for the WPL

As the WPL gears up for its second edition, Kalyan is entrusted with the responsibility of preparing the pitches for the Bangalore leg of the tournament. Having cleared the BCCI curatorship exam in 2018, she brings her expertise and passion to the forefront, ensuring that the playing surfaces are conducive to thrilling cricketing action.

Expanding Horizons

The upcoming edition of the WPL marks a significant expansion, with matches scheduled to be played in multiple cities including Bangalore and Delhi. This broader scope reflects the growing popularity and stature of women’s cricket in India, offering players and fans alike a platform to showcase and celebrate the talent and passion for the sport.

Anticipation Builds

With just days remaining until the commencement of the 2nd edition of the WPL, anticipation is reaching fever pitch. The finalists of the inaugural edition, Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals, are poised to kickstart the new season on 23rd February 2024, setting the stage for another thrilling chapter in the journey of women’s cricket in India.

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