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Jammu and Kashmir gets $14 billion from interim budget

India’s Interim Budget for Jammu and Kashmir

India has taken a significant step towards the economic development of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir by announcing an interim Budget of $14 billion for fiscal year 2024-25. This financial commitment is noteworthy, as it is approximately 4.5 times greater than the total amount Pakistan is seeking from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to address its ongoing economic challenges. The allocation of such a substantial sum underscores India’s dedication to fostering growth and development in Jammu and Kashmir.

Pakistan’s IMF Bailout

Meanwhile, Pakistan is navigating through its economic difficulties with the help of the IMF. In January, the Washington-based financial body approved a $3 billion bailout package for Pakistan, struggling with financial constraints. A recent tranche of $700 million was released under this bailout package after the IMF completed its first review of Pakistan’s economic reforms. This review focused on the country’s performance during the initial three months of the fiscal year, from July to September 2023, allowing for continued support from the IMF.

Comparison of Economic Commitments

The disparity in financial commitments between India’s budget for Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan’s IMF bailout highlights the contrasting approaches to economic development and support. India’s investment in Jammu and Kashmir is part of a broader strategy to promote decentralized governance, inclusive development, enhanced revenue generation, and infrastructure development within the Union Territory. These efforts have been made possible due to the path-breaking reforms undertaken since 2019.

Significance of the Budget Announcement

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman unveiled the interim budget on a symbolic day, as Pakistan observed “Kashmir Solidarity Day.” The timing of the announcement not only reflects India’s resolve to prioritize the economic upliftment of Jammu and Kashmir but also serves as a message of commitment to its integral territories.


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