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Jammu to pioneer India’s first Cannabis Medicine Project

The ‘Cannabis Research Project’ of CSIR-IIIM Jammu, spearheaded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, marks the first-ever initiative of its kind in India. This groundbreaking project is carried out in partnership with a Canadian firm ‘IndusScan’ with the aim of harnessing the potential of cannabis, a substance known for its abuse potential, for the benefit of humanity, particularly for patients afflicted with neuropathies, cancer, and epilepsy.

The Historic Collaboration Between CSIR-IIIM and IndusScan

The historic scientific agreement signed between CSIR-IIIM and IndusScan holds immense significance not only for J&K but also for the entire nation. It has the potential to revolutionize medicine production, ensuring that the country can produce and export medicines that were previously sourced from foreign countries.

This project will play a significant role in raising awareness about the diverse medicinal applications of this once-abused substance, particularly in providing relief to patients suffering from malignancies and various other diseases.

From the perspective of Atma-Nirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India), once all the necessary approvals are obtained, this initiative will enable the production of high-quality drugs suitable for treating different types of neuropathies, diabetic pains, and more, fostering self-sufficiency in the pharmaceutical sector.

CSIR-IIIM: Pioneering Scientific Research in India

CSIR-IIIM, the oldest scientific research institute in India, boasts a rich history of groundbreaking discoveries, including the identification of mint in the 1960s and its pivotal role in the purple revolution. Now, with the advent of the Cannabis Research Project, CSIR-IIIM is poised to elevate its status even further, cementing its position as a prestigious hub for scientific research in India.

Advancements in Medical Cannabis

Cannabis, a remarkable plant, has led to the approval of several drugs by the FDA, including Marilnol/nabilone and Cesamet, prescribed for managing nausea and vomiting. Sativex is another FDA-approved drug that utilizes cannabis for treating neuropathic pain and spasticity, while Epidiolex, containing Cannabidiol, has shown promising results in treating epilepsy. Furthermore, cannabis is being utilized for various medical purposes in other countries as well.

Key takeaways for competitive examinations

  • Chief Scientist at CSIR-IIIM Jammu: Dr Zabeer Ahmed

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