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Javed Akhtar to Receive Padmapani Lifetime Achievement Award at Ajanta-Ellora Film Festival

The veteran lyricist-screenwriter Javed Akhtar is set to be honored with the Padmapani Lifetime Achievement Award at the upcoming Ajanta-Ellora Film Festival. This recognition celebrates his remarkable contributions to the Indian film industry, including iconic works like ‘Zanjeer,’ ‘Deewar,’ ‘Sholay,’ ‘Don,’ ‘Kala Patthar,’ and ‘Mr India.’ The award ceremony will take place on January 3, 2024, marking the opening day of the ninth edition of the festival.

Details of the Award Ceremony

The award ceremony will be held at the Rukmini Auditorium, MGM University campus, Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar. The Padmapani Award, which includes a memento, a certificate, and a monetary award of Rs 2 lakh, will be presented to Javed Akhtar by the Ajantha-Ellora Film Festival Organizing Committee Chairman Nandkishore Kagliwal and Chief Guide Ankushrao Kadam.

About the Ajantha-Ellora Film Festival

Formerly known as the Aurangabad International Film Festival (AIFF), the Ajantha-Ellora Film Festival is an annual event organized in collaboration with Nath Group, Yashwantrao Chavan Centre, Mumbai, Maharashtra, and the Government of India. The festival serves as a platform to showcase the finest films produced in India and around the world. It aims to engage the city of Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar and its film enthusiasts by providing exposure to diverse cinematic creations, both recent and classic.

Objective of the Festival

  • Showcasing the Best Films: The primary objective of the festival is to exhibit outstanding films from India and beyond, offering audiences a diverse cinematic experience.
  • Platform for Filmmakers: The festival serves as a valuable platform for aspiring filmmakers, technicians, artists, and young film enthusiasts. It encourages learning and understanding the artistic and technical aspects of cinema.
  • Promoting Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar: The festival aims to present Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar and Marathwada as a city and region with immense potential, not only as a cultural hub but also as a center for film production.
  • International Recognition: By showcasing films and promoting the region, the festival aspires to position Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar on the international map, opening up opportunities for film production and establishing itself as a cultural center within Maharashtra.

Javed Akhtar’s receipt of the Padmapani Lifetime Achievement Award adds a distinguished chapter to the festival’s legacy, recognizing the immense impact of his contributions to Indian cinema.

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