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Jetha Ahir Elected as NAFED Chairman

Shehra BJP MLA Jetha Ahir, who has previously served as the deputy speaker of the Gujarat Assembly, has been elected uncontested as the chairman of the National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India (NAFED). Senior leaders revealed that Ahir secured the support of the sitting Rajkot MP Mohan Kundariya to become the NAFED chairman in the election held in Delhi on Tuesday.

Unanimous Backing from the Board

Ahir’s election as the NAFED chairman was a unanimous decision by the board comprising 21 directors, with two directors hailing from Gujarat, including Kundariya. Notably, Ahir also holds the prestigious positions of chairman of Panchmahal’s Pancharmrut Dairy as well as the Panchmahal District Cooperative (PDC) Bank.

Other Recent Appointments in Cooperative Sector

Ahir’s appointment comes in the wake of the recent buzz surrounding Jetpur BJP MLA Jayesh Radadiya’s election as a board member in the Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative (IFFCO), which went against the BJP’s official mandate of supporting Bipin Patel. Additionally, Dileep Sanghani’s unopposed re-election as the IFFCO chairman earlier this month also sparked a controversy among political circles.

Importance of Cooperative Sector in Gujarat

The cooperative sector plays a vital role in Gujarat’s agricultural and rural economy. The state is known for its strong cooperative movement, with numerous cooperative societies operating in various sectors, including dairy, fertilizers, and marketing.

NAFED, being a national-level cooperative organization, plays a crucial role in promoting cooperative marketing of agricultural produce and ensuring fair prices for farmers. With Ahir’s extensive experience in the cooperative sector and his position as an MLA, his appointment as the NAFED chairman is expected to bring significant benefits to the state’s farming community.

Balancing Political Dynamics and Cooperative Interests

While appointments in cooperative organizations often involve political dynamics, it is essential to strike a balance between political interests and the welfare of farmers and the cooperative sector. Ahir’s unanimous election as the NAFED chairman suggests that stakeholders have recognized his capabilities and experience in the cooperative domain.

As the NAFED chairman, Ahir will play a crucial role in formulating strategies and implementing policies that promote cooperative marketing, enhance farmers’ income, and ensure the overall growth of the agricultural sector in the country.

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