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Jio Surpasses China Mobile to Lead Global Telco Industry in Data Traffic

Reliance Jio, the telecom leader in India, has outpaced China Mobile to become the world’s largest mobile operator by data traffic consumption. With a subscriber base of 481.8 million, including 108 million on its True5G Standalone network, Jio’s dominance underscores its position in the global telecom market.

Staggering Growth and Milestones

In its quarterly results announced on Monday, Jio revealed remarkable achievements, including reaching a total data traffic of 40.9 Exabytes in the January-March quarter, representing a 35.2% year-on-year increase. A significant portion of this traffic, 28%, originates from its 5G subscribers, indicating a swift adoption of next-generation connectivity.

Unprecedented Subscriber Base and 5G Penetration

Jio’s subscriber base stands at 481.8 million, a figure that reinforces its stronghold in the Indian telecom landscape. Notably, the company boasts the world’s second-largest 5G subscriber base, with 108 million users on its network. This substantial 5G penetration underscores Jio’s preparedness for the future of telecommunications.

Impact of Pandemic and Technological Shifts

The surge in data traffic, particularly attributed to 5G and home services, reflects not only Jio’s market dominance but also the changing dynamics of consumer behavior amidst the pandemic. The company’s fixed wireless access (FWA) services have played a pivotal role in driving data consumption, resulting in a 2.4x increase since the onset of the global health crisis.

Future Prospects and Monetization Strategies

Analysts project Jio’s continued market expansion, forecasting a subscriber base of 490-500 million by FY25. With the completion of 5G rollout, attention is now turning towards monetization strategies in the 5G era. Jio’s leadership in data traffic reaffirms its position as a formidable force in the global telecommunications industry, poised for further growth and innovation.

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