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J&K High Court Upholds Rule of Law, Quashes Detention under Public Safety Act

In a significant ruling, the Jammu and Kashmir High Court has quashed the detention of Jaffar Ahmad Parray under the Public Safety Act. Justice Rahul Bharti emphasized that India operates under the rule of law, asserting that citizens cannot be detained without proper legal grounds. Parray had been held since May based on allegations of being associated with terrorist groups, but the court found the detention illegal and ordered his immediate release.

Unlawful Detention

Parray’s detention, ordered by the Shopian district magistrate, lacked legal justification according to the High Court. Despite police allegations, the court highlighted the absence of any formal charges or antecedent culpability against Parray. The grounds for detention heavily relied on police reports, failing to provide sufficient legal basis for Parray’s arrest.

Rule of Law Prevails

Justice Bharti underscored the fundamental principle of the rule of law, stating that citizens cannot be subjected to interrogation without lawful proceedings. Rejecting the notion that India operates as a police state, the court affirmed the country’s commitment to upholding legal standards and protecting individual rights.

Immediate Release Ordered

Concluding that Parray’s detention was “illegal and coercive,” the High Court ordered his immediate release. The ruling serves as a reaffirmation of India’s adherence to the rule of law and the protection of citizens’ rights against arbitrary detention.

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