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K.N. Shanth Kumar Elected Chairman of Press Trust of India (PTI) Board

In a significant development within the realm of Indian journalism, K.N. Shanth Kumar, a seasoned media professional, has been elected as the Chairman of the Press Trust of India’s Board of Directors for a one-year term. This announcement came following the Annual General Meeting of PTI’s Board of Directors, held at the news agency’s headquarters in New Delhi on a Friday.

Change in Leadership

Mr. Shanth Kumar’s election marks a transition in PTI’s leadership, as he takes over from Aveek Sarkar, who had served as Chairman for two consecutive terms. This shift in leadership is expected to bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the helm of India’s largest and oldest private news agency.

Key Appointments

In addition to Mr. Shanth Kumar’s election as Chairman, Praveen Someshwar, the Chief Executive Officer of Hindustan Times, has been elected as the Vice-Chairman of PTI’s Board of Directors. These appointments are set to shape the strategic direction of PTI in the coming year.

A Distinguished Career

K.N. Shanth Kumar, aged 62, brings with him a wealth of experience in the field of media management. He has been associated with The Printers (Mysore) Pvt. Ltd. since 1983, serving in various roles over the years. His contributions to the media landscape extend beyond his current role at PTI; he has previously served as Chairman of the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) and been a dedicated member of the Executive Committee of the Indian Newspaper Society (INS) for more than two decades.

This marks Mr. Shanth Kumar’s second term as Chairman of the PTI Board, with his previous stint occurring from 2013 to 2014.

About Press Trust of India (PTI)

Press Trust of India, founded just two weeks after India gained independence in 1947, holds the distinction of being the country’s largest and oldest private news agency. It was established by a consortium of newspapers, which continue to be its owners. Notably, the shareholders do not receive any portion of the company’s profits; instead, these funds are reinvested to support the ongoing development and modernization of the news agency.

K.N. Shanth Kumar’s election as Chairman signals a new era for PTI, with the promise of continued commitment to providing reliable and timely news to the nation.

As India’s media landscape evolves, these leadership changes are poised to influence the trajectory of PTI and shape its role in the ever-changing world of journalism.

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