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Karnataka and World Economic Forum Join Forces to Establish AI Centre

Karnataka state government, in a strategic alliance with the World Economic Forum (WEF), has announced the establishment of a cutting-edge AI centre in the state. This collaboration formalized through a Letter of Intent signed on February 29, aims to position Karnataka as a global hub for artificial intelligence, marking a significant step in integrating the state into the global digital and technological landscape.

Karnataka’s New AI Centre: A Beacon of Innovation

The Centre’s Role and Objectives

The new AI centre in Karnataka, set to become the WEF’s exclusive hub for AI in India, is designed to be a cornerstone in promoting Karnataka as a key player on the global AI stage. The center’s mission encompasses fostering industry-academia partnerships, facilitating the exchange of technological insights, spearheading research collaborations, and tackling global challenges through innovation in AI.

Supporting AI Startups and Research

A pivotal goal of the centre is to bolster AI startups in Karnataka by offering them a globally connected platform for collaboration and networking within the AI domain. This initiative will not only promote research and development but also nurture the burgeoning startup ecosystem in the state, driving forward Karnataka’s digital economy, investments, and job creation in the tech sector.

Karnataka’s Vision for AI Leadership

Bengaluru: A Global AI Powerhouse

Priyank Kharge, Karnataka’s IT-BT minister, highlighted Bengaluru’s status as one of the top five cities worldwide for Artificial Intelligence. The minister underscored the state’s rich talent pool and vibrant innovation ecosystem, which hosts numerous companies and startups specializing in deep tech and AI. This robust foundation sets the stage for Karnataka to advance as a leader in AI innovation and application.

WEF’s Support for Bengaluru’s AI Ambitions

Jeremy Jurgens, Managing Director of the WEF, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, acknowledging Bengaluru’s pioneering role in innovation. The collaboration aims to bolster Bengaluru’s leadership in demonstrating AI’s potential for economic growth and social prosperity.

Important takeaways for all competitive Exams

  • World Economic Forum Chairperson: Børge Brende;
  • World Economic Forum Founder: Klaus Schwab;
  • World Economic Forum Headquarters: Cologny, Switzerland;
  • World Economic Forum President: Børge Brende;
  • World Economic Forum Founded: 24 January 1971.

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