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Karnataka Cricketer K Hoysala, 34, Passes Away From Cardiac Arrest

The Aegis South Zone tournament, a platform for cricket battles, turned into a scene of sorrow as Karnataka cricketer Hoysala K, aged 34, passed away due to a cardiac arrest. The tournament, which had been showcasing the rivalry between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, took a turn with the sudden demise of this player.

A Fateful Thursday at RSI Ground, Bengaluru

The distressing incident unfolded yesterday at the RSI ground in Bengaluru, where Hoysala, a talent representing Karnataka in age-group tournaments, collapsed on the field during the post-match huddle. Despite emergency treatment administered by on-site medical personnel, Hoysala did not respond.

Efforts to Save, but Fate Had Another Plan

Following the collapse, Hoysala was transported via ambulance to Bowring Hospital for further medical attention. However, the medical team at the hospital declared him deceased upon arrival. The news of Hoysala’s sudden demise sent shockwaves through the cricketing community, leaving players, fans, and officials in mourning for the loss of such a cricketer.

Hoysala K: A Talent Remembered

Hoysala K, known for his skills as a fast bowler, had previously showcased his skills while playing for teams like Bellary Tuskers and Shivamogga Lion in the Karnataka Premier League. His untimely departure has left a void in the hearts of the cricketing fraternity.

A Lasting Impact on the Field

In what turned out to be his final match against Tamil Nadu, Hoysala played a role in Karnataka’s victory. With thirteen runs off thirteen balls and a wicket dismissing Tamil Nadu’s opener, P. Parveen Kumar, Hoysala’s contributions were instrumental in securing a victory for Karnataka. The match, won by just one run, saw Karnataka successfully defend a target of 173 runs against Tamil Nadu’s total of 171.

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