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Kashmir to Host Miss World 2023 in December

Miss World 2023

In an exciting announcement, Julia Eric Morely, the CEO of Miss World, held a press conference in the picturesque region of Kashmir, India. The occasion marked the anticipation and preparation for the 71st edition of the prestigious Miss World beauty pageant, which is scheduled to be hosted in India. Morely’s words echoed the sentiment of excitement and emotion surrounding the event, saying, “Truthfully, I am so happy. It is emotional for us, to see such beauty.”

A Glimpse into the Future

CEO Morely expressed her enthusiasm for the upcoming event, inviting everyone to witness the grandeur in November, with the final show scheduled for December 8. She extended her gratitude to the people of Kashmir, applauding their warmth and hospitality and conveyed the Miss World organization’s eagerness to return for the event.

Venue Speculations and Clarifications

Following the press conference, rumors began circulating about the potential location of the pageant in the lush valleys of Kashmir. However, recent reports have clarified that no specific venue has been confirmed yet. Jamid Saidi, Chairman of PME Entertainment, took the opportunity to set the record straight. PME and the Miss World organization officially stated that the venue for the Miss World 2023 will be announced later.

Miss World’s Current Title Holder Expresses Amazement

The special conference held in Kashmir also featured Karolina Bielwaska, the reigning Miss World title holder. She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to experience the beauty of Kashmir, a place she had not expected to visit. Bielwaska shared her astonishment at the breathtaking scenery and the warmth of the welcome they received. She eagerly looked forward to welcoming participants from 140 nations to India, showcasing the diverse wonders of places like Kashmir, Delhi and Mumbai. Bielwaska, who has visited India many times, celebrated the country’s diversity and the common thread of incredible hospitability that runs through every state.

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