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Kathmandu-Kalinga Literature Festival Concludes In Lalitpur, Nepal

The three-day long Kathmandu-Kalinga Literary Festival, a vibrant and culturally enriching event concluded in Lalitpur, Nepal. The festival, which was inaugurated by Nepal’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, NP Saud, served as a platform for the exchange of culture in South Asia, while promoting literary and cultural activities in the region. This gathering of literary minds and artists from India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka showcased the diversity and richness of South Asian literature and arts.

A Multifaceted Showcase

The festival offered a kaleidoscope of creative expressions, including literature, music, dance, poetry, and various other art forms. This diverse range of offerings helped foster a deeper appreciation for the cultural tapestry of South Asia and encouraged artistic collaboration among the participating countries.

Yashaswi Sahitya Samman: Honoring Literary Excellence

One of the highlights of the Kathmandu-Kalinga Literary Festival was the presentation of the ‘Yashaswi Sahitya Samman‘ awards. This prestigious recognition honored individuals who have made significant contributions to the world of literature and culture in the region. The awardees included:

  • Professor Avadhesh Pradhan: A distinguished scholar in the literary field.
  • Divya Dutta: An accomplished actress and writer.
  • Prof Madhav Prasad Pokharel: A prominent figure in the literary world.
  • Manisha Koirala: A beloved actress with a penchant for writing.

These luminaries received the ‘Yashaswi Sahitya Samman’ for their exceptional contributions to literature and culture in South Asia.

Yashaswi Book Prize: Recognizing Literary Works

In addition to the ‘Yashaswi Sahitya Samman,’ the festival introduced the ‘Yashaswi Book Prize‘ to recognize outstanding literary works. The inaugural recipients of this prestigious prize included:

Bibek Ojha: Recognized for his fiction work ‘Aithan.’
Dr. Nawaraj KC: Honored for his creative non-fiction book ‘Sunyako Mulya.’
Renuka GC: Acknowledged for her captivating story ‘Sanesh.’
Dr. Mahendra Malla: Celebrated for his poetry collection ‘Bhasako Bakpatra.’
Govinda Giri Prerana: Awarded for the biography ‘Sushree Parijaat.’
Anuradha: Lauded for her contribution to children’s literature with ‘Chhamchhako Chhamchhami.’

The ‘Yashaswi Book Prize’ recognized and celebrated these outstanding authors and their valuable literary contributions.

A Diverse Array of Literary Achievements

Further recipients of the ‘Yashaswi Book Prize’ were:

Rima KC: Honored for her remarkable translation work, ‘Selected Poems by Amrita Preetam.’
Narayan Ghimire: Recognized for his book ‘Raithane Khanpan Ra Chadparva,’ focusing on food and medicine.
Lakpa Dendi Sherpa: Acknowledged for his autobiography, ‘Himalayan Maverick.’
Sushant Thapa: Celebrated for his anthology of English poetry, ‘Means of Merit.’

These individuals showcased the immense talent and creativity present in South Asian literature, spanning a wide range of genres and subjects.

A Triumph of South Asian Culture, Literature, and Art at the Kathmandu-Kalinga Literary Festival

The Kathmandu-Kalinga Literary Festival successfully concluded with a profound celebration of South Asian culture, literature, and art. The festival served as a platform for cultural exchange and artistic collaboration, while also recognizing and honoring the exceptional contributions of literary figures from the region. As South Asia’s literary and cultural heritage continues to flourish, events like these play a crucial role in fostering creativity, understanding, and unity among nations.

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