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Khelo India Women’s League To Be Known As Asmita Women’s League

Anurag Singh Thakur, the Union Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports, has unveiled that the esteemed Khelo India Women’s League will be recognized as the “Asmita Women’s League” from now on. This purposeful transformation underscores the government’s commitment to advancing gender equality and nurturing the vibrant engagement of women in the realm of sports.

ASMITA: Achieving Sports Milestone by Inspiring Women Through Action

The new name, “Asmita Women’s League,” carries a profound meaning. ASMITA stands for “Achieving Sports Milestone by Inspiring Women Through Action”, encapsulating the spirit of resilience, determination, and achievement that defines women athletes across the nation. This change not only offers a new identity but also embodies the aspirations of countless women who strive to make their mark in the sporting arena.

Acknowledging the Digital Leap: Asmita Portal and Logo

Mr. Thakur took to social media to commend the entire Khelo India team for their visionary concept of the Asmita Women’s League. He also expressed his appreciation for the development of the Asmita Portal and its new logo, recognizing these advancements as significant steps towards the digital transformation of Indian sports. This demonstrates the government’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance the overall sports experience and engagement.

The Asmita Portal: A Comprehensive Sporting Resource

Central to the new initiative is the Asmita Portal – a comprehensive online resource that provides valuable insights into upcoming leagues and events. This platform will serve as a hub for information, fostering a sense of community among sports enthusiasts and athletes alike.

Importantly, the portal is designed to empower schools, colleges, government bodies, and private organizations to host the ‘Asmita Women’s League’, facilitating wider participation and contribution to India’s sporting excellence.

A Stride Towards Inclusivity and Excellence

Mr. Thakur underlined the government’s steadfast commitment to bolstering women’s sports in India. This commitment is yielding tangible results through increased opportunities, enhanced facilities, and the development of world-class sports infrastructure at both elite and grassroots levels. The term “Asmita” aptly captures the essence of these efforts – a collective drive to achieve sports milestones through the inspiration derived from the accomplishments of women athletes.

Key takeaways for competitive examinations

  • Khelo India Programme was launched in the year: 2018

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