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Kolkata Emerges Safest City For Third Year In A Row: NCRB Report


In a recent report published by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Kolkata has emerged as the safest city in India for the third consecutive year. The city recorded the least number of cognisable offences per lakh population among metropolises, showcasing a remarkable feat in ensuring public safety.

Cognisable Crimes in Kolkata: A Declining Trend

The NCRB data revealed that Kolkata reported 86.5 cases of cognisable offences per lakh people in 2022. This marked a significant drop from the previous year’s count of 103.4 cases, showcasing a consistent decline. In 2020, the number was higher at 129.5, indicating a positive trend in crime reduction.

Metropolitan Rankings: Pune and Hyderabad Follow

Following Kolkata in the rankings were Pune, with 280.7 cases, and Hyderabad, with 299.2 cases, of cognisable offences per lakh population. The report issued rankings after comparing 19 cities with over 20 lakh population, emphasizing the significant achievement of Kolkata in maintaining its status as the safest city.

Crimes Against Women: A Concerning Increase

While Kolkata excelled in overall safety, the report highlighted an increase in crimes against women. The number of cases rose from 1,783 in 2021 to 1,890 in 2022. The crime rate against women in Kolkata was recorded at 27.1 per lakh population, surpassing figures for Coimbatore (12.9) and Chennai (17.1).

Violent Crimes and Homicides: Decreasing Trends

Despite the rise in crimes against women, Kolkata witnessed a drop in violent crimes. The city reported 34 murder cases in 2022, down from 45 the previous year. Additionally, the number of reported rapes remained consistent at 11 cases in both 2021 and 2022.

NCRB Report Insights: ‘Crime in India 2022’

The NCRB report, titled ‘Crime in India 2022,’ is based on comprehensive data collected from 36 states, Union territories, and central agencies. The findings provide a detailed overview of crime trends, emphasizing Calcutta’s continued efforts in maintaining its reputation as India’s safest city.

Important Questions Related to Exams

Q. Which organization published the recent report on city safety?

Answer: National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB)

Q. Which two cities followed Calcutta in the metropolitan rankings for cognisable offences?

Answer: Pune (280.7 cases) and Hyderabad (299.2 cases)

Q. How many cities were compared in the rankings, and why is Calcutta’s achievement emphasized?

Answer: 19 cities with over 20 lakh population; Calcutta maintained its status as the safest city.

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