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KSINC launches India’s first solar-powered tourist boat

Sooryamshu, India’s first solar-powered tourist boat, launches with the capacity to produce 27 KW of energy

Kerala State Inland Navigation Corporation (KSINC) has launched a solar-powered tourist boat called Sooryamshu that can produce 27 KW of energy. The boat also comes equipped with generators, which will help power passenger lift systems and air-conditioners. The solar panels will provide about 75% of the vessel’s energy needs, while the rest will be met by the generators. The boat was built in Sri Lanka for Rs. 3.95 crores.

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KSINC plans to offer two tour packages on Sooryamshu, including kayaking and sightseeing

KSINC plans to use the Sooryamshu for two tour packages. The first one, named the Kadamakkudy package, will offer tourists sightseeing and kayaking for Rs. 799. Kadamakkudy is a group of 14 islands situated within 10 kilometers of Kochi city. The second package will take tourists to the Matsyafed farm in the Ernakulam district, where they can enjoy kayaking, paddling, fishing, and savoring exclusive seafood offered by the farm.

Low-lying cables cause a delay in the Kadamakkudy tour package

However, the Kadamakkudy package will be delayed due to the Kerala State Electricity Board’s low-lying cables which will hinder the boat’s smooth passage on some parts of the route. KSINC’s Managing Director, R. Girija, stated that they are working with the Board officials to resolve the issue. KSINC’s other tourist boats, namely, Nefertiti, Sagar Rani-1, and Sagar Rani-2 are already conducting cruises in collaboration with Kerala State Road Transport Corporation’s budget tourism packages.

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