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Ladakh celebrated traditional new year ‘Losar Festival’

Ladakh celebrated traditional new year 'Losar Festival'_4.1

The Losar Festival in Ladakh is celebrated at the onset of the New Year in the traditional schedule of Tibetan Buddhism. It is celebrated by the Buddhist Community in the Ladakh region. The Losar is a 15 days festival, from the start of the Tibetan Lunar calendar, marking the 1st day of the 11 months in the Tibetan Calendar. Losar is a Tibetan word that means ‘New Year’.

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The festivities began with the celebration of Birth and Nirvana Anniversary Je Tsongkhapa with illuminations of religious places like Monasteries,  Stupas, residential and other places. The eve of the Losar festival is also celebrated with memorial food offerings for the departed loved ones.

Other popular festivals of Ladakh:

  • Phyang Tsedup Festival
  • Dosmoche Festival
  • Hemis Festival

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Ladakh celebrated traditional new year 'Losar Festival'_5.1

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