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Lambani Art set Guinness World record in 3rd G20 CWC meeting

India’s G-20 Presidency recently achieved a remarkable feet by setting a new Guinness World record. The record-breaking involved the largest display of Lambani items, showcasing the rich heritage of India.

What in News?

  • AS per the 3rd G20 culture working group (CWG) meeting held at Hampi, Karnataka, a Guinness World record was created for the largest display of ‘Lambani Art.’
  • This culture working group meeting was titled with ‘Threads of Unity.’
  • Total 1755 items were on display in 3rd G20 culture working group.
  • It is an effort to popularize Lambani Art, craft and culture.
  • This step also expected to encourage the participation of Nari Shakti in such cultural activities.

Lambani Art:

  • Lambani art is an intricate embroidery art done on a piece of cloth.
  • Lambani art is also known as Banjara embroidery.
  • Lambani Art is mainly practiced by the community of Lambanis..
  • It is characterised by colourful threads, mirror work, and a rich array of stick patterns.
  • Lambani craft traditions involves skilfully stitching together small pieces of discarded fabric to create a beautiful fabric.
  • The rich embroidery of Lambani community, serves as a vital source of livelihood and sustenance.
  • Sandur Lambani Embroidery is recognised with a Geographical Indication tag in 2010.

Process involved in Lambani Art:

Lambani art comprises various processes such as:

  • Firstly basic tools and materials are collected like thread, needle, fabric and accessories.
  • Then the selection of patterns, types, shapes of stitches and colour combinations.
  • Accessories like beads and mirrors are added in the later stage.
  • Finally it is ironed to give the cloth piece a desired look.

Features of Lambani Art:

  • Lambani art is done on loosely woven piece of cloth.
  • It includes-
  • Around 14 types of stitches with various geometric shapes like square, triangle, diagonal lines etc.
  • Parallel lines of multi color threads
  • Patch work
  • Mirror work
  • Quilting
  • Applique, an ornamental needle work.
  • Overlaying
  • Most commonly used colours in this embroidery are red, yellow and blue.

Importance of Lambani Art:

  • Empower the lambani community.
  • Contribute to the economy of the country.
  • Preserve the rich cultural traditions in line with the constitutional provisions.
  • Lamabani art contribute to the improvement of biodiversity of their region.
  • It is considered to be as sustainable practice which works on the principle of recycle and reuse.
  • It has the potential to enhance India’s soft power.

About the Lambani Community:

  • Lambani community is also known by the name of Banjara Community.
  • The word ‘banjara’ is derived from the ‘Vanaj’ meaning to trade and ‘Jara’ meaning to trade.
  • Lambani’s are commercial nomads.
  • Banjaras are known by different names in different states:
  1. Lambada or Lambadi in Andhra Pradesh.
  2. Lambani in Karnataka.
  3. Banjara in Rajasthan.
  4. Gwar or Gwariya in Rajasthan.
  • The language of Banjaras is ‘Gorboli’ or ‘Gor mati boli’ or ‘Brinjari.’

Efforts for Conservation of Lambani Art:

  • Exhibitions should be organised to make people interested in this art.
  • The artisans should provide with financial support.
  • There should be a formal course to learn about this art.
  • GI tag will help in creating a unique selling proposition.
  • More awareness about indigenous textiles and fashion will help in boosting the market of lambani art.
  • More promotion and brand engagement would help to revive this art.


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