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List of Books and Authors in Ancient India

Ancient India boasts a rich literacy tradition that dates back more than 3,000 years. While the script of the Harappan civilization remains undeciphered, the literacy heritage of India has been preserved through an array of remarkable texts. This article delves into some of the most notable books and their authors from ancient India, shedding light on the profound knowledge and creativity that thrived in this period.

List of Books and Authors in Ancient India

Here is the complete list of books and their authors in ancient India which holds great significance even today:

Books and Authors in Ancient India
S. No. Books Author
1. Mudrarakshasa Vishakhadatta
2. Rajtarangini Kalhana
3. Kathasaritsagar Shaivite Somadeva
4. Kamasutra Vatsayana
5. Prashnottarmalika Amoghavarsha
6. Swapanvasdattam Bhasa
7. Buddha Charita Asvaghosa
8. Natyashastra Bharata Muni
9. Abhigyaan Shankuntala Kalidasa
10. Vikramorvashi Kalidasa
11. Raghuvansan Kalidasa
12. Amarkosa Amarasimha
13. Panchsidhantika Varharmihara
14. Brihat Samhita Varharmihara
15. Surya Sidhanta Aryabhatta
16. Aryabhatta Aryabhatta
17. Panch Tantra Vishnu Sharma
18. Nitisara Kamandaka
19. Aihole Prasasti Ravi Kriti
20. Indica Megasthanese
21. Arthasastra Kautilya
22. Charaka Samhita Charaka
23. Lilawati Bhaskara II
24. Harshacharita Banabhatta
25. Kadambari Banabhatta
26. Nagananda Banabhatta
27. Ratnavali Banabhatta
28. Gathasaptashati Hala
29. Astadhyayi Panini
30. Mahabhasya Patanjali
31. Mrichhakatika Shudraka
32. Gitagovinda Jayadeva
33. Navratna Virsena

Significance of Books of Ancient India

The ancient books of India hold immense significances as they represent the intellectual and cultural heritage of a civilization that has endured for thousand of years. These texts cover a wide range of subjects, from literature and philosophy to science and governance, shaping the foundation of Indian knowledge systems. They continue to inspire and inform, serving as a testament to the profound wisdom and creativity of ancient Indian scholars and their enduring influence on the world.

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