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List of Lakes in Maharashtra

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes and lush greenery of Maharashtra lie numerous serene lakes, each possessing its own unique charm and beauty. From natural wonders formed by ancient geological processes to man-made reservoirs serving as sources of irrigation and recreation, the lakes of Maharashtra offer a diverse array of experiences for visitors and locals alike. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of some of the most notable lakes scattered across the length and breadth of this vibrant Indian state.

Lakes in Maharashtra

Maharashtra boasts a rich tapestry of lakes, each offering its own unique allure. From the ancient Lonar Lake, formed by a meteorite impact, to the picturesque Venna Lake nestled amidst the hills of Mahabaleshwar, these liquid jewels provide serene escapes, recreational opportunities, and glimpses into the state’s geological and cultural heritage.

List Lakes in Maharashtra

Maharashtra boasts a rich tapestry of lakes, each offering its own unique allure. Check the complete list of lakes in Maharashtra:

Lakes in Maharashtra
S. No. Lakes Location
1. Bandra Talao Bandra, Mumbai
2. Modak Sagar Thane
3. Powai Lake Powai, Mumbai
4. Tulsi Lake Borivali
5. Vihar Lake Borivali
6. Masunda Lake Thane
7. Railadevi Lake Thane
8. Upvan Lake Thane
9. Ambazari Lake Nagpur
10. Salim Ali Lake Aurangabad
11. Futala Lake Nagpur
12. Khindsi Lake Nagpur
13. Rankala Lake Kolhapur
14. Lake Beale Nasik
15. Lonar Lake Buldhana
16. Pashan Lake Pune
17. Shukrawari Lake Nagpur
18. Veena Lake Mahableshwar


Interesting Facts about Lakes in Maharashtra

Here are some of the interesting facts you must know about the lakes in Maharashtra:

  • Bandra Talao: A 200-year-old heritage lake, also known as Lotus Tank, in Mumbai, spread across 7.5 acres.
  • Modak Sagar: Second-largest lake in Maharashtra on Vaitarna river, named after Nanasaheb Modak, home to crocodiles.
  • Powai Lake: Artificial lake in Mumbai, home to crocodiles and migratory birds, with various conservation programs.
  • Tulsi Lake: Among the largest lakes in Maharashtra, supplying fresh water to Mumbai from Sanjay Gandhi National Park.
  • Vihar Lake: Supplies 3% of Mumbai’s water, located in Sanjay Gandhi National Park, with a significant Khair species presence.
  • Masunda Lake: Popularly known as Talavpali Lake in Thane, offers recreational activities like boating.
  • Railadevi Lake: Serene atmosphere lake in Thane, ideal for picnics and camping.
  • Upvan Lake: Famous lake in Thane offering activities like camping and boating.
  • Ambazari Lake: Originates from Nag River, supplying water to Nagpur, one of the famous lakes in Maharashtra.
  • Salim Ali Lake: Formerly Khizri Talab, renamed after ornithologist Salim Ali, now part of a bird sanctuary.
  • Futala Lake: Covers 60 hectares, known for serene beauty and artificial fountains, built by the Bhosales of Nagpur.
  • Khindsi Lake: Central India’s largest boating center and amusement park, near Ramtek.
  • Rankala Lake: Known for freshwater supply, near Mahalakshmi temple, a historical site in Kolhapur.
  • Lake Beale: Situated at 547 meters above sea level, created by Darna Dam on the Darna River in Nasik.
  • Lonar Lake: Notified National Geo Heritage Monument, created during a meteorite impact, a world-famous crater lake in Maharashtra.
  • Pashan Lake: Artificial lake near Pune suburbs, built for water requirements of Pashan district.
  • Shukrawari Lake: Also known as Gandhi Sagar Lake and Jumma Lake, 275 years old, created by Chand Sultan in Nagpur.
  • Venna Lake: Artificial lake constructed in 1942 in Mahableshwar, offering activities like boating.

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