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Longest Coastline in the World 2024, List of Top-10

The allure of coastal landscapes has captivated humanity for centuries, drawing us to the meeting point of land and sea, where the elements collide in a mesmerizing dance. In 2024, as we explore and appreciate the vast diversity of our planet, it’s fitting to examine the top 10 longest coastlines worldwide. From rugged cliffs to sandy shores, each coastline offers a unique blend of beauty, biodiversity, and cultural significance. Join us as we embark on a journey to discover the longest coastlines the world has to offer.

World’s Longest Coastline

Canada boasts the world’s longest coastline, spanning an impressive 202,080 kilometers. Surrounded by the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic Oceans, Canada’s coastal stretch is unparalleled. From the rugged cliffs of the east to the serene beauty of the west and the icy expanse of the north, Canada’s coastline offers a breathtaking mosaic of landscapes and seascapes, making it a truly iconic maritime destination.

Top-10 Longest Coastlines in the World

Canada holds the distinction of having the longest coastline in the world with the total coastline of 202,080 km, followed by Indonesia, Norway, and Russia.

Here is the list of top-10 longest coastlines in the world:

Longest Coastlines in the World
Rank Country Coastline (in km) Coastline (in mi)
1. Canada 202,080 1,25,567
2. Indonesia 99,083 61,567
3. Norway 58,133 36,122
4. Russia 37,653 23,396
5. Philippines 36,289 22,549
6. Japan 29,751 18,486
7. Australia 25,760 16,007
8. United States 19,924 12,380
9. New Zealand 15,134 9,404
10. China 14,500 9,009

Longest Coastline in the World – Canada

Coastline: 202,080 km

Canada’s coastline, spanning 202,080 km, is the world’s longest, surpassing all others by far. Embracing the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic Oceans, its landscape varies dramatically across regions. Renowned for pristine cleanliness, facilitated by vast uninhabited areas, it hosts majestic wildlife like moose and grizzly bears. Vital to its economy, Canada’s coastline harbors major ports facilitating global trade and offers unparalleled fishing opportunities, cementing its significance on the world stage.

Second Longest Coastline in the World – Indonesia

Coastline: 99,083

Norway, nestled in Europe’s northwest on the Scandinavian Peninsula, boasts the world’s second-longest coastline. Bound by the North Atlantic and Barents Seas, its coastline is famously rugged, adorned with fjords, islands, and the distant Svalbard archipelago. Home to a significant coastal population, Norway’s allure extends beyond its stunning landscapes, offering rich cultural heritage, renowned salmon fishing, and the mesmerizing spectacle of the Northern Lights. Dubbed the “Land of the Midnight Sun,” Norway dazzles with its extended summertime daylight hours.

World’s Third Longest Coastline – Norway

Coastline: 58,133

Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelagic state, boasts the third-longest coastline globally. With over 17,500 islands, of which around 6,000 are inhabited, its coastline stretches 54,716 km. Each island contributes to Indonesia’s rich tapestry of languages and cultures. Renowned for its popular coastal destinations like Bali, Indonesia attracts tourists with its relaxed beaches and excellent surfing opportunities. The country’s unique topography, shaped by volcanic activity, adds to its allure, with 147 volcanoes, 76 of them active, dotting its landscape.

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Which country has the longest coastline in the world?

Canada holds the distinction of having the longest coastline in the world with the total coastline of 202,080 km.

Which country has the second longest coastline in the world?

Norway, nestled in Europe's northwest on the Scandinavian Peninsula, boasts the world's second-longest coastline.

Name the top-5 longest coastlines in the world.

The top-5 countries with longest coastlines in the world are: Canada, Indonesia, Norway, Russia, and Phillipines.

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