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Losar Festival Celebrated to Mark Ladakhi New Year in Ladakh

Ladakh celebrated Losar Festival to mark the Ladakhi New Year. Losar Festival is celebrated in Ladakh on 24th December 2022. The Losar Festival or the Ladakhi New year is a major socio-religious festival of Ladakh celebrated during winter.

The Losar Festival will continue for nine days from the new year. People will celebrate by offering prayers in the name of God and goddess. They will also dance and sing in honor of Ibex and the pilgrimage of Mount Kailash.

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Losar Festival Celebrated to Mark Ladakhi New Year in Ladakh- Key Points

  • The Losar Festival celebrated in Ladakh marks the beginning of the New year.
  • Losar has been celebrated in Ladakh for centuries and has strengthened the existing community bond.
  • The festival brings joy to the lives of inhabitants of the landlocked Himalayan territory of Ladakh.
  • The celebrations begin with offering prayers to God and goddesses common to a group of families known as Faspun.
  • In the evening, family ancestors are remembered by offering goods and lighting traditional lamps in the graveyards.
  • During the Losar Festival, Lardaak is responsible for offering prayers to the village God and goddess.
  • The Lardaak carries out all the rituals to purify the individuals.
  • They perform the traditional role of the three Lama Jogis and Grandparents.
  • Lardaak is the head of Karoks, the dancers of the grand celebration.
  • Karoks have to complete the dance 360 times before the deadline set by the astrologer of the village.
  • Lama Jogis visits each house in the village wishing them prosperity.

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