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MakeMyTrip And Ministry Of Tourism To Launch Traveller’s Map of India Microsite

Travel company MakeMyTrip has announced a collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism to introduce over 600 unique and unconventional travel destinations. The company has introduced a specialized microsite named ‘Traveller’s Map of India‘ to facilitate this initiative.

This digital platform enables travelers to engage interactively and unearth hidden tourism treasures within India, tailored to their preferences. The creation of this meticulously crafted microsite aligns seamlessly with the Government of India’s forward-looking ‘DekhoApnaDesh‘ program.

Empowering Indian Explorers: Unveiling the ‘Traveller’s Map of India’

The ‘Traveller’s Map of India’ resonates with the sentiments of every Indian explorer. This endeavor will grant every individual the authority to advocate for the nation’s cultural, historical, natural, and geographical wonders. Minister of Tourism, Kishan Reddy, extended a warm welcome to MakeMyTrip’s venture, applauding their efforts to showcase the variety of destinations within India and encourage domestic tourism.

Exploring India’s Hidden Gems: MakeMyTrip’s Curated Selection of Lesser-Known Destinations

The company stated that in order to create the carefully curated list, it analyzed India’s travel search records. Given the substantial number of monthly users on the platform, the destination searches conducted can be regarded as a collective expression of the nation’s preferences for must-visit places within the country.

Building upon this foundation, the company meticulously handpicked destinations that remain undiscovered or are recognizable primarily within specific regions of the nation. These selections have also been meticulously organized into distinct categories, such as adventure, wildlife, heritage, mountains, and beaches, among others, to assist travelers in effortlessly finding their preferred travel styles.

About ‘DekhoApnaDesh’ initiative

‘Dekho Apna Desh’ initiative is a endeavor led by the Ministry of Tourism to promote tourism. The core objective of this initiative is to not just offer financial support to travelers exploring different corners of India but also to create a robust and enticing tourist infrastructure.

To achieve this, a substantial budget has been dedicated by the government, aimed at boosting travel experiences and bolstering tourism-related facilities throughout the country.This strategic plan outlines the development and promotion of around 50 distinct destinations across the nation, each offering a unique glimpse into the vibrant tapestry of Indian culture, history, and landscapes.

Key Points for Competitive Examinations

  • Co-Founder and Group CEO of MakeMyTrip: Rajesh Magow

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