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Centre grants GI Tag to Bihar’s Mithila Makhana

Makhana : Centre grants GI Tag to Bihar's Mithila Makhana_4.1

The Geographical Indications Registry (GIR) under the Central Ministry of Commerce has accepted the petition to rename Bihar Makhana as Mithila Makhana and has also suggested further changes to the brand logo to better reflect its origins. It also suggested amendments in the brand logo to highlight its origins and protect the product’s Geographical Indications (GI) rights.

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The Sabour based Bihar Agriculture University (BAU) initiated an application on behalf of the Mithilanchal Makhana Utpadak Sangh (MMUS) to name their produce as Mithila Makhana for the welfare of fox nut growers in the Mithila region.

Some GI tags of Bihar:

  • Madhubani Paintings
  • Katarni Rice
  • Magahi Paan
  • Silao Khaja
  • Shahi Litchi
  • Bhagalpuri Zardalu

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Makhana : Centre grants GI Tag to Bihar's Mithila Makhana_5.1

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