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March 22 observed as Bihar Day

Bihar Diwas 2022 marks the 110th anniversary of the state’s founding. The annual Bihar Diwas is no longer limited to festivities hosted by the state government; citizens from the state living throughout the country and overseas have begun to commemorate the occasion.

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Key Points:

  • Every year on March 22, the Bihar Diwas commemorates the British carving away of Bihar from the Bengal Presidency in 1912. Patna was designated as the new province’s capital.
  • Bihar Diwas has originally proclaimed a state initiative by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.
  • The day was also observed by people from Bihar who resided in various regions of the country.

History of Bihar Diwas:

  • The British Government in India at the time carved out the state of Bihar on March 22, 1912. The state was created from British India’s Bengal Presidency.
  • Bihar, notably Patna, had begun to rise to prominence during the British rule in India, and had established itself as an important and strategic centre of scholarship and trade in the country.
  • Bihar was a part of the Bengal Presidency until 1912, when the province of Bihar and Orissa was established as a separate province.
  • Patna was designated as the new province’s capital when the Bengal Presidency was partitioned.

Important Takeaways for the exam:

  • Bihar is India’s third-largest state by population and the 12th-largest by area.
  • India’s Bihar state is also the fourth most populous subnational entity in the world.
  • Bihar is also the first place in India where the concept of non-violence was born, later rising to prominence in human history.
  • Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira are well-known for raising awareness about nonviolence roughly 2,600 years ago.
  • Bihar has the second-lowest urban population in the country, after Himachal Pradesh, with only 11.3 percent of the population living in cities.
  • Bihar has the highest percentage of young people of any state in India. Almost 58 percent of Biharis are under 25 years old.

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