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Meta Expands Fact-Checking Program with PTI in India

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, has extended its third-party fact-checking initiative in India by partnering with the Press Trust of India (PTI). This collaboration establishes PTI as a dedicated fact-checking unit within its editorial department, enabling the identification, review, and rating of misinformation across Meta platforms.

Strengthening Fact-Checking Efforts

Meta’s collaboration with PTI aims to bolster efforts in combating misinformation by empowering PTI to identify, review, and rate content across Meta platforms, contributing to a more reliable information ecosystem.

Expanding Global Fact-Checking Network

Meta has established one of the largest independent fact-checking networks globally, with nearly 100 partners in over 60 languages. The partnership with PTI marks a significant expansion of Meta’s fact-checking capabilities, particularly in the Indian context.

Impact in India

With PTI joining as its 12th fact-checking partner in India, Meta now possesses the most extensive fact-checking network in any country. Covering 16 Indian languages through various partners, Meta’s fact-checking efforts aim to curb the spread of misinformation effectively.

Mitigating Misinformation Spread

When content is identified as false or misleading by fact-checkers, Meta reduces its distribution, informing users about the misinformation and providing links to fact-checker articles for further clarification. This proactive approach helps in mitigating the spread of misinformation across Meta platforms.

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