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Micron’s Venture in India: Rollout of First India-Made Chips

Micron India’s Sanand unit gears up to unveil its inaugural batch of domestically manufactured semiconductor chips in 2025, with a focus on global exportation. Anand Ramamoorthy, the managing director, underscores the burgeoning global demand, strategic partnerships, and the diverse applications spanning various sectors, notably emphasizing agility and the scarcity of talent in niche domains such as cybersecurity.

Export Focus and Market Dynamics

Ramamoorthy highlights the predominant emphasis on exports from the Sanand unit, aligning with the substantial global demand for semiconductors. While acknowledging the burgeoning domestic demand, he asserts that India’s market size for semiconductor chips remains modest compared to international demand.

Utilization and Application

The chips packaged at the Sanand unit are slated for utilization across diverse sectors including data centers, smartphones, notebooks, IoT devices, and automotive applications.

Implications of Domestic Foundries

The trajectory of India’s semiconductor demand is expected to be influenced by initiatives like the Tata Group’s collaboration with Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation, shaping the demand-supply dynamics in the semiconductor ecosystem.

Agility in Response to Market Dynamics

Ramamoorthy underscores the necessity for agility and adaptability in responding to the evolving demands of various sectors, acknowledging the fluidity of product allocations driven by factors such as inventory, turnaround time, pricing, and customer requirements.

Investment and Employment Outlook

Micron’s significant investment in the Sanand unit, totaling $2.75 billion, underscores its commitment to bolstering India’s semiconductor landscape. The expansion plans also aim to ramp up employment, with a target of increasing the India headcount to 5,000 and creating around 15,000 indirect jobs.

Talent Development and Global Training

Highlighting the global talent shortage, particularly in niche sectors like cybersecurity and semiconductors, Ramamoorthy emphasizes Micron’s focus on continuous training and development, including global rotations and a significant proportion of fresh college graduates in its R&D workforce.

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